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Recent Happenings

I’ve discovered that I don’t like to post unless I have something long and profound to say…that needs to change. The kids keep saying the funniest things; I need to record them somehow. It’s not that there’s nothing happening, in fact, that’s probably why I’m not posting, so much is happening, heh.

The kids finished learning all their songs/dances for their show (first one this coming week), now it’s just drill, drill, drill. They’re doing a lot better this year, I’m hoping to be able to video them and post it.

Jordan is going through a can’t-sit-still-must-be-in-constant-movement phase. Thankfully, he really enjoys school and can usually sit still for the 50 min school hours. However, by late afternoon, he’s climbing on everything and driving me quite crazy 😀 I guess boys will be boys, I just need to get used to this new development. All the kids are fighting bed time with a vengeance; don’t know if it’s the Christmas excitement, or also just a phase.

Cherise is learning to do her own hair and gets help from her older sister from time to time. It amazes me how she’s still such a ‘child’ in so many ways but at the same time wants to grow up so fast! I know they have to grow up and I’m happy that she’s learning new things and can take care of herself more and more, but I feel they’re growing up so fast. Of course, I make her hair properly for school, but the jobs I have to do for her are getting less and less…

Charlotte is writing books and stories faster than I can edit and post them. I need to take the time to get to it right away or there will be a huge back-log, ha. She’s getting better at it all the time, so check her blog from time for time for updates.


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