about the kids

Average Grades

For the quarter September-November 2009

Please note that we took holidays during this quarter, CC went to camp, and we were all very sick for a prolonged period of time, hence the lesser amount of books completed. CC finished 4th grade and started 5th!

Reading-3 books: 98%
Math-1 book: 99%

Bible-2 books: 93%
LA-2 books: 99%
Spelling: 94%
Reading-2 books: 96%
Math-2 books: 90%
Science-2 books: 86%
Social Studies-1 book: 86%

Bible-3 books: 95%
LA-2 books: 97%
Spelling: 90%
Math-2 books: 96%
Reading-1 books: 96%
Science-2 books: 96%
Social Studies-2 books: 92%

Whole Grade (4) Average:
Bible-10 books: 94%
LA-10 books: 93%
Spelling: 90%
Math-10 books: 92%
Reading-5 books: 95%
Science-10 books: 93%
Social Studies-10 books: 92%

Total-55 books: 93%


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