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My Valentine

Charlotte and some of the other kids went on a Valentine’s card making spree on Sunday, spreading love and smiles around the house. Here is the poem she wrote just for me:

A rare, red rose
A flower in the sunshine
Tears of dew-drops
Laughter of sunrays
Swaying in the breezes
Doing as God pleases
A little sad
But also glad
Loving, too
Oh, yes, that’s you!

about the kids

My Baby Turned 6!!

I know this is late, but I was away on Jordan’s birthday. We celebrated on mine, making for a loud, exciting party 😀

I can’t believe my little man turned 6; time just seems to have flown away and suddenly the tiny baby I held in my arms is too big for me to lift easily. He’s growing into quite a character, with a great sense of humor, a soft heart, and a good disposition. I love how concerned he is about people, to the point of allowing himself to be hurt or put down in order to keep the peace. He is cuddly and loveable, affectionate and spontaneous. Jordan can make me laugh when I’m lowest, and keeps my classroom upbeat with jokes and double meanings. His laugh is one of my favorite sounds in the world. I like how eager he is to learn new things, but at the same time doesn’t act as if he knows everything. He might say he knows something he doesn’t, but usually only because he wants to impress his friends, with me he’s a good learner and not a show off about it. Making friends is easy for him once he gets over initial shyness. At the same time, he’s all boy, right now obsessed with daring and a fascination for everything that makes mom’s heart skip a beat. His recent ideas for professions when he grows up are is an inventor, snake catcher and trainer, jungle explorer, or someone who creates and works with firecrackers. He’s also into space and everything associated with it: aliens, planets, space craft, etc. He still does daring acts that get my heart racing, but has somehow managed to escape serious injury so far, thank God! Still, I wouldn’t want him any other way. I’m so thankful for my son, the one who taught me so much and is still teaching me every day.