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Now that my ‘baby’ is reading, there are fun and interesting differences between the three of them and their approach to reading. Of course, this will probably change with time, but I’ll write it up anyway.
Charlotte is a honest-to-goodness bookworm. She actually reminds me of me when I was that age. Nothing is really better than reading and getting totally engrossed in a book. I used to read on the way to school, into the night, at the playground, just about anywhere I could. Charlotte does the same in her own way. I’ve caught her several times with a flashlight long after bed time reading her ‘last chapter’. She gets lost in a book to the point that Cherise will cry with frustration to get her attention (poor thing, that’s something I’m working on with CC), and she’ll forget the world around her, not even noticing that the 4 hurricanes (aka boys) have hit the room around her. She will read a book several times and still be interested to read it again. Her comprehension is very good and it helps her overall in her writing as well. Poetry fascinates her (something it rarely did for me and I still find most poetry boring) and she’s getting a lot better at her poetry as well.
Cherise is a speed reader. When she does oral reading, there are times I think she’s speaking another language altogether as it’s all blended together. Her comprehension is pretty good, though, and as such, she’s a fast learner. Literature has not caught her fancy quite as much yet, it remains to be seen if she’ll get into it quite as much. She loves to read out loud to the other kids and is Vishal’s favorite as she’ll read the same books again and again to him. Maybe because she was read to so much as a baby and toddler, she really doesn’t mind reading the same stories again to the boys and will keep them absorbed for long periods at a time.
Jordan just learned how to read. He’s still a bit ‘robotic’ at times, though he does read just about everything and understands it, too. What’s funny with him is seeing him trying to read all sorts of nonsense. One day, the quest was to read all the baby books backwards, laughing with Aman at the foolish way it sounded. Another day, they went through all their toys, looking where everything was made, “oh, look, this car was also made in China!” “Really, this one, too!” Today he came to me and said, “who said weekdays can’t be fun?” I was feeling all happy with my teaching skills, thinking he was enjoying school, when he told me that he had gotten that phrase off of the pizza advert that came in the mailbox! I need to watch out with this one, he has no qualms reading whatever he can get his hands on. Time to teach about privacy and email/sms ettiquete, ha!

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Given Back

Once in a while, when I give something up, ‘put it on the altar’, there comes that time when the Lord will see fit to return it to me. It’s the concept I’m well aware of, but I had gotten so used to the idea of ‘not expecting it back’, that it’s become very hard for me to accept that it is, in fact, what He’s doing in my life. Like the silly boys in the story with the watch, I kept turning my head away, thinking it can’t be real, thinking it was some kind of ‘test’, or using the fact that ‘I gave that up’ as some kind of excuse not to accept the Lord’s gift back to me. Now I’m learning to accept the things the Lord brings into my life, even if it’s something I wasn’t expecting or something I thought I’d have to give up. It’s rather liberating, actually.

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I want my voice back!

I’ve been fighting a cough off and on for the past three weeks and now I’ve lost my voice as well. Well, not really lost it, I just sound like a frog is living in there somewhere. Or like a teenage boy who’s voice hasn’t quite broken–I can hit 3 or 4 different pitches in one sentence, my voice cracks after every couple of words, and I can’t tell if my voice wants to be high or low. On top of it, I have a birthday party today. How am I to earn any respect?

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Two Years!

Today marks the two year mark of the day I stepped out and traveled alone with the three kids by plane to a country so different from where we had been.
So much has happened in those two years: settling in here, learning about the different culture, climate, people, etc. The kids adjusted well and quickly, enjoying the changes and having fun learning new things constantly. I took a trip outside the country for a few weeks, started classes, visited Bangalore shortly, attended the ED seminar, taught classes, and so much more.
Now, change is on the horizon again as I step out into the path the Lord is leading me on. It won’t be fast, it won’t be sudden; but there is a peace in my heart that the Lord is in control and faith that it will come together in His perfect time.

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Hachiko: A Dog’s Story

This was by far the most heart-warming movie I’ve seen in a long time. Based on the true story from Japan about the loyal dog who continues to wait for his master at the train station for years, this movie jumps forward about 100 years and plays in the US. The acting on all parts is amazing, many tear-jerking moments, and lots of laughs to balance it out. I enjoyed watching Richard Gere in a role suited to his age and the rest of the story around the dog is beautifully presented. A long, loving marriage is depicted, with ups, downs, and loads of understanding; one of those marriages that are realistic enough to rekindle the hope that long-lasting love is possible.
This is a movie I would highly recommend, though I’m not letting the girls watch it, only because the end is sad enough to affect them for a long time. It’s a beautiful kind of sad; not hopeless, but not something my kids would understand at this time. So, if it’s available where you are, grab a box of tissues and enjoy!

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Faith in the God Factor

If one of your first reactions to times of change is to worry, then it’s time to retreat into your prayer closet. Commit each worry to Me, tell Me about all your concerns, and let My Spirit carry the weights.

I am able to give you the comfort and peace of mind that you need in order to face any change that will come your way—today or tomorrow. The way to keep your faith at its optimum level so that you can handle life’s challenges is to spend time at the source of faith—Me and My Word.

If you know that I love you, you know that everything is going to be okay. I don’t ever stop loving you. So, there isn’t much left to worry about, right? Whenever you’re going through a deep, dark, faith-testing experience, hold on to the fact that I love you, and that everything is going to be all right. Just wait and see.

When something is My will, I am capable of moving Heaven and Earth to bring it about. I am always capable of supplying all that you need. I own the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10), and the wealth in every mine.

If you are moving along the path of My will, you can claim your right as My bride, and I am bound by My Word to supply, provide, and open the doors that are needed. No matter what path My will is leading you down, these basic spiritual principles apply—now and forever!

There’s no guarantee that everything will be smooth sailing for the rest of your life, but I’ve promised to take care of you and to meet your needs, and I will not disregard that promise.

The love that you’ve given to Me and to others over the years is going to return to you. The effort that you’ve expended on My business is going to profit you personally. I am not unrighteous to forget your labors of love. What you have given will be returned to you many times over, some in this world and much more fully in the next.

Faith has healing energy. It can lift the burdens and worries right off your shoulders. When you’re in a difficult situation and your emotions are being affected, and you tell Me that you trust Me anyway, the healing energy of faith begins to flow over your spirit and calm your nerves. It makes a significant difference to your spirit.