about the kids


Now that my ‘baby’ is reading, there are fun and interesting differences between the three of them and their approach to reading. Of course, this will probably change with time, but I’ll write it up anyway.
Charlotte is a honest-to-goodness bookworm. She actually reminds me of me when I was that age. Nothing is really better than reading and getting totally engrossed in a book. I used to read on the way to school, into the night, at the playground, just about anywhere I could. Charlotte does the same in her own way. I’ve caught her several times with a flashlight long after bed time reading her ‘last chapter’. She gets lost in a book to the point that Cherise will cry with frustration to get her attention (poor thing, that’s something I’m working on with CC), and she’ll forget the world around her, not even noticing that the 4 hurricanes (aka boys) have hit the room around her. She will read a book several times and still be interested to read it again. Her comprehension is very good and it helps her overall in her writing as well. Poetry fascinates her (something it rarely did for me and I still find most poetry boring) and she’s getting a lot better at her poetry as well.
Cherise is a speed reader. When she does oral reading, there are times I think she’s speaking another language altogether as it’s all blended together. Her comprehension is pretty good, though, and as such, she’s a fast learner. Literature has not caught her fancy quite as much yet, it remains to be seen if she’ll get into it quite as much. She loves to read out loud to the other kids and is Vishal’s favorite as she’ll read the same books again and again to him. Maybe because she was read to so much as a baby and toddler, she really doesn’t mind reading the same stories again to the boys and will keep them absorbed for long periods at a time.
Jordan just learned how to read. He’s still a bit ‘robotic’ at times, though he does read just about everything and understands it, too. What’s funny with him is seeing him trying to read all sorts of nonsense. One day, the quest was to read all the baby books backwards, laughing with Aman at the foolish way it sounded. Another day, they went through all their toys, looking where everything was made, “oh, look, this car was also made in China!” “Really, this one, too!” Today he came to me and said, “who said weekdays can’t be fun?” I was feeling all happy with my teaching skills, thinking he was enjoying school, when he told me that he had gotten that phrase off of the pizza advert that came in the mailbox! I need to watch out with this one, he has no qualms reading whatever he can get his hands on. Time to teach about privacy and email/sms ettiquete, ha!


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