Change!…or die!

This one cracked me up, but it’s somehow timely 😉

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Oh, So Familiar!

Boys might not say it out loud every time, but I’m sure they’re thinking it or maybe it just comes naturally, ha!

Speaking of cleaning, the pest control people have been working in the house since Friday, giving us plenty of opportunity to clean behind all the cupboards, closets, desks, and beds. While the drilling is headache inducing, the hitting the sheets tired from physical work has a certain satisfaction to it, especially as the house is looking so clean. Today they did the kitchen, so since I had to take everything out of the cupboards and shelves anyway, I went all out and scrubbed the whole thing down–walls (tiles all the way up to the ceiling), shelves, stove, sink, floor…you get the picture. That doesn’t include the three rooms that had to be put back together again as well. The kids are so happy for the school break that they’re being pretty angelic most of the time, though I can honestly say I might fall asleep before they do today.

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Another week gone by

Two words characterized this week: Load shedding. Thankfully it’s a lot less now, but there were up to 6 hours a day early in the week and it wasn’t ‘scheduled’ so it wasn’t easy to post on the blog as a lot of cuts were in the evenings when I usually have time to work on editing pix, writing, etc.
There are mostly pix of Jordan as CC and Cherise were the ones taking the pictures. There are more pix on the other computer, I just need to find time to copy them onto mine. For now, enjoy these 😀

Jordan sleeps with his pillow just the same as I do! He’s also into curling up, but the pillow hug is the same as mine.

This is him acting out how I found him during one nap. If for some reason I’m not napping with him (as in going out), he tries to get my pillow because according to him, “it smells like you!” One time he sprayed a bit of my perfume on it because I had just changed the cover so it hadn’t been ‘marked’ yet, heh.

Cherise was sick, this is her angry, “don’t take pictures of me when I’m sick” face, ha!

Jordan just being Jordan. He makes me laugh so many times each day with his outrageous faces, silly comments and ideas, jokes and more. Oh, and it’s official, his eyes are no longer blue, sniff!

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Easter Sunday

We had a lovely time yesterday, remembering, praising, as well as plenty of good food. It was a restful day for all of us, ending in a time of praise together and communion. It was one of those Easter Sunday’s that came and went quietly, but was one to remember in it’s simple depth.
In other news, Jordan lost his tooth as well. It’s a bottom front tooth, so I feel he looks a little odd (most kids tend to lose the top ones first), but he’s enjoying his new goofy grin and I hope to have before and after pix asap.

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The Week That Was

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my papers, the first step is done, more to come, but this one was a biggie, so thankful for your prayers. Please keep this in your prayers, thanks!
Jordan has his first wiggly tooth! He’s loving the attention it gets and goes to people with a big grin, then using his tongue to push it out to get the ‘eeeewwww’ effect 😀 He thought it was the funniest thing when I told him the tooth fairy would leave him a bar of chocolate so that more teeth will fall out. (Of course, I would never do that, the tooth fairy brings money for him to start saving towards his dentist visits :P)
Loving the feeling of being totally healthy again after nearly 4 weeks! Getting those jobs done that had been put on the back burner, spending more quality time with the kids, studying and preparing for my exam, etc.
There are pictures that will hopefully make their way onto my blog as well as some CC took and wants to post. Stay tuned!