about the kids

Another week gone by

Two words characterized this week: Load shedding. Thankfully it’s a lot less now, but there were up to 6 hours a day early in the week and it wasn’t ‘scheduled’ so it wasn’t easy to post on the blog as a lot of cuts were in the evenings when I usually have time to work on editing pix, writing, etc.
There are mostly pix of Jordan as CC and Cherise were the ones taking the pictures. There are more pix on the other computer, I just need to find time to copy them onto mine. For now, enjoy these 😀

Jordan sleeps with his pillow just the same as I do! He’s also into curling up, but the pillow hug is the same as mine.

This is him acting out how I found him during one nap. If for some reason I’m not napping with him (as in going out), he tries to get my pillow because according to him, “it smells like you!” One time he sprayed a bit of my perfume on it because I had just changed the cover so it hadn’t been ‘marked’ yet, heh.

Cherise was sick, this is her angry, “don’t take pictures of me when I’m sick” face, ha!

Jordan just being Jordan. He makes me laugh so many times each day with his outrageous faces, silly comments and ideas, jokes and more. Oh, and it’s official, his eyes are no longer blue, sniff!


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