Happy Birthday, Nyx!

Yesterday a very special person had birthday. I never actually met Nyx, only through her writing, which has been an inspiration more than once. I’ve been following her blog for quite some time, again, finding inspiration and a whole lot of joy in her posts. I recently connected with her via Facebook, and found a truly amazing person who has refused to stay down and is really doing some wonderful things with her life. Her baby is a doll (born in the same hospital as Jordan and Cherise…what are the odds?), and she truly is beautiful inside and out. Wishing you all the best, Nyx. Thanks for your insight and acceptance. Hope this year brings you even more in the way of love, happiness, and more of your dreams coming true.

Here is a recent post on her blog that I wanted to share.

about the kids

Happy Birthday, Cherise

My little Peanut is 9! I can’t believe the way she’s grown so much. Quite the confident little lady, though I know that she’s still my little girl and I love how she comes to me for boosts of love and advice. She has a way with people, getting her way one way or the other often without anyone knowing just how or why she does it. For example, she’s the only one Vishal will allow to feed him. He fusses if anyone even offers to feed him, preferring to do it himself, but will sit there like a docile puppy while she spoons the food into his mouth. Games at playtime are often organized by Cherise, meaning there is law and order in an otherwise somewhat chaotic world of boys. She can tell stories with just about anything, from dolls to buttons, from flannelgraphs to pencil colors and keep everyone completely enraptured. She’s doing very well in school, starting fourth grade tomorrow. She has her ups and downs about certain aspects of school, specifically studying hard, but she’s slowly getting the idea of putting in the time and that not everything comes easily.
She has a smile that lights up a room, a laugh that can be heard through the house and loves to make others smile and laugh, too. Her recent passions are learning to cook (having the time of my life trying to teach her to multitask, though :D), doing an art course, learning Hindi and now she wants to learn to sew as well.
Here’s to a new year! Wishing so many dreams to come true, for you to be really happy and I’m praying the Lord will do great things for you. I love you!

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, one day I really enjoy every year, there’s a lot less commercial ‘pressure’ than on Valentines without all the need to go out and buy something or do something big. And it has nothing to do with being a mom, myself. Or not a lot, anyway.
Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a mommy. I tucked my dolls into bed with me, dreaming of dressing up little girls, doing their hair, and I told myself I’d do my best to be a good mother. I wanted to prepare and be as ready as I could for the job I saw as beautiful and fun. As I got into my teen years, I decided to become an educator so that I could teach my children as well as learned all I could about childcare. I was very blessed to have some good teachers who instilled in me a love for children as well as taught me a lot of how to care for them practically.
Thankfully, I didn’t become a mother as early as I had originally hoped, but it took becoming a mother to realize that there’s just no way to ‘prepare’ for being a mom. I was excited and full of dreams, but not quite prepared for the awesome responsibility it brought with it. Slowly, I came to understand my own mom better and seek out her advice. She helped me in ways she might not even be aware of, she was a good example to me of the joyful sacrifice that comes with motherhood. I can never remember her once complaining of a lack of free time, or wishing she could get a break from us. Yes, I knew she was often tired, but looking back and understanding just how tiring motherhood is, I respect the time she took to make our lives special.
I remember going swimming in the summer months when she was pregnant with my youngest brother. I remember birthday parties she’d make special for me. She paid attention to small things, like my enjoyment of crocheting and would keep an eye out for yarn in all sorts of interesting and new colors. As children, we can be rather selfish and self-centered and demanding, but she did her best to accommodate us as much as she could.
Now, that I have my own children, I can appreciate her so much more. When I fail or make mistakes in my parenting, I remind myself that my mom wasn’t perfect, either, but it was knowing she loved me that compensated for all that. She instilled strong moral values that I am working on teaching my kids know. She taught me how to keep a soft heart but a tough spirit, never giving up and giving to others again and again. She can still read me better than anyone else and has now started to read my children, too. I find myself needing her insight and advice and I hope she knows how very thankful I am for the great job she did.

My favorite quotes, songs and stories

Elements of Peace

Some of my favorite quotes from Elements of Peace:

If you could see the beauties that await you, the perfection of My plan for your life, the magnificence of your destiny, and the intricate order of your life, you would never worry so much about the trials of this life, or spend so much time burdened with many fears and cares. Your life is in My hands. Your life belongs to Me. I will not let anything touch you that is not going to someday seem beautiful and pure when you see it from My perspective. There is no reason to fear the future; it is safely in My hands. (Jesus)

Patience is accepting a difficult situation from God without giving Him a deadline to remove it (Author unknown).

Circumstances that rip out the walls of our own self-sufficiency are God’s blessings in disguise. We can truly thank God for them and praise Him for every blow that removes some of the illusion that we have the ability to handle our own situation. We will also discover that the more trying the circumstance, the more we will realize the real strength and power of Christ dwelling and growing in us. Each challenge, each trial or opportunity for growth makes us better equipped to be channels for His love and power. (Author unknown).

The breakthrough moment in finding the will of God is realizing that you need Him even more than His answer. (Author unknown).