My favorite quotes, songs and stories

Elements of Peace

Some of my favorite quotes from Elements of Peace:

If you could see the beauties that await you, the perfection of My plan for your life, the magnificence of your destiny, and the intricate order of your life, you would never worry so much about the trials of this life, or spend so much time burdened with many fears and cares. Your life is in My hands. Your life belongs to Me. I will not let anything touch you that is not going to someday seem beautiful and pure when you see it from My perspective. There is no reason to fear the future; it is safely in My hands. (Jesus)

Patience is accepting a difficult situation from God without giving Him a deadline to remove it (Author unknown).

Circumstances that rip out the walls of our own self-sufficiency are God’s blessings in disguise. We can truly thank God for them and praise Him for every blow that removes some of the illusion that we have the ability to handle our own situation. We will also discover that the more trying the circumstance, the more we will realize the real strength and power of Christ dwelling and growing in us. Each challenge, each trial or opportunity for growth makes us better equipped to be channels for His love and power. (Author unknown).

The breakthrough moment in finding the will of God is realizing that you need Him even more than His answer. (Author unknown).


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