about the kids


Jordan learned how to whistle, oh, woe is me!

CC lost her first molar, the toothfairy missed it last night, but here’s to hoping she’ll come around tonight.

At the same time, Cherise is cutting in her back molars, it’s annoying her somewhat, but  nothing too painful, thank God.

I have managed to raise 3 bookworms and it’s something I’m actually very happy about. Now that Jordan is reading on his own, it gives him things to do in his free time or when I need him to be quiet  for a few minutes. CC just finished reading Pride and Prejudice on her own and is working through the “Alice” series now. Cherise is into reading encyclopedia type books, although she’ll read whatever she can get her hands on.

Monsoon arrived, bringing cool breezes to ease the intense humidity that builds up. We already did a fair bit of dancing in the rain, Jordan being the loudest and craziest of them all 😀

School averages coming soon!


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