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Honor thy Father

With it being Father’s Day today, I got to thinking why we have special days to ‘remember’ our mothers and fathers. Shouldn’t we be thinking of them all year around, respecting them, showing them we love them? I came to the conclusion that yes, we should be doing those things (and more) all year around, but now that I’m also a parent I can see the reason behind the ‘special day’.
In our daily lives we can often get busy with the day-to-day, the routine, and of course, the little ’emergencies’ that turn up. This gives me a good chance to once again let him know how much I love and appreciate him.
In my life, I have had role models, teachers, guidance counselors, friends and others who help us on my path of life. I’ve had my own sets of experiences, good and bad which taught me plenty and helped to grow me up. However, in all of this, I feel that my dad is still the one who shaped who I am (together with my mom, of course) and started me off on the right course. Our paths are far apart these days in the sense that we live far apart, but despite that, I aim to continue on the path he started me on, hoping also to make him proud in the end.  Regardless of distance between us, I still depend on him as we chat together from time to time or he emails me, to ground me, to keep me focused, to give me strength to go on, and not least of all, remind me that I’m also loved by my father and how very much I love him as well.


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