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Butterfly Change

In order for there to be a butterfly, there has to be a caterpillar. True, most of us aren’t all that fond of caterpillars and if nothing else, try to avoid them. However, there is no beautiful butterfly without a caterpillar; it’s as simple as that. When looked at that way, it takes away the need to see the way things are as ‘wrong’ before and ‘right’ now. It’s just a different time, things need to change, but one was needed in order get to now.

If a caterpillar continues to just eat without eventually spinning its cocoon and going through the metamorphosis, it will die. It will never reproduce, never be more than a fat worm-like creature. If we keep doing things the same way we’ve always done it, we’ll have the same results. Not progress, not beauty, just the same old, same old.

A caterpillar might be able to climb pretty high; it might get a good view of the world, move around a bit and be content with where his present state can take him. However, it’s not until it has gotten wings that it will really soar, see the world like never before, add beauty to the planet, and go places he could have never dreamed existed in his caterpillar state.

In order for the change to happen, it takes time. I remember trying to ‘raise’ butterflies as a child. I would find any number of caterpillars, put them in a glass box and wait for the change. Once they spun the cocoon, though, it would take a long time for the change to happen, at least to my childish mind it took a long time. Weeks go by before it is ready to come out, which seems like a lot for something so small; however, if I got impatient to look inside, the animal would die and never become anything at all.

The final result requires some struggle. We all know what happens if the cocoon is snipped, the wings never harden and the poor butterfly will never fly. Change isn’t easy, but the struggle is what gives us the strength to be all we can be. There are no shortcuts to the end result, there will be difficulties, there might even be pain, but with the goal to look forward to, it will be worth it in the end.

A butterfly is meant to soar, to fly, to fulfill its destiny. We don’t keep butterflies in glass cages, butterflies seldom stay in one place for very long, and they fly away in search of food, a mate, life. Just as a glass cage would defeat the purpose of it having wings, of being able to fly, we can’t hold others back based on what we think is best for them or even for us. While we might enjoy seeing the butterfly in a glass box, we know its purpose isn’t fulfilled until we let it go. The same goes for people, we have to let them go at some point, in order for them to fulfill their purpose and fly!


2 thoughts on “Butterfly Change”

  1. wow! very well written! so much to learn about life from nature. if I were taught lessons in school this way, I would have developed a liking for Biology… but we didn’t have great teachers… only some kids are lucky to have good teachers 🙂

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