about the kids

12 Years Ago…

…you were so small the smallest baby clothes were too big for you.
Now, you’re barely head and shoulders smaller than me and wear my clothes from time to time.
…you were so fragile, you couldn’t even hold your head up without support.
Now, you bravely face change, travel, or challenges with your head held high, despite any fear or apprehension in your heart.
…you depended on me for everything: food, warmth, the ability to get comfortable enough to sleep, and so much more.
Now, you’re learning to cook, design your own wardrobe, do your own hair, and so much more.
…from the look on your face, you were not pleased with your surroundings in the first minutes of life.
Now, you have learned to be happy despite any surroundings that might not be your favorite thing. You’re learning to rise above feelings of discontent and will do things you don’t want to do just because you know it needs to be done.
…you cried, and I comforted you the best I knew how.
Now, you comfort those smaller and more fragile than yourself.
…there was very little you could do for yourself.
Now, there is very little you don’t try to do when you put your mind to it.
As we go into a new year together, I’m looking forward to many more years of watching you grow into a young lady. I love to see how you’re going to handle the new challenges, discover new things you like, learning new things, and more. I love you, and never forget, regardless of how big you grow, I’ll always love to cuddle my little girl.


1 thought on “12 Years Ago…”

  1. I know, she turned into a beautiful dependable lady, since she come here soo much also.
    You must be so proud of her, she is wise, loving, carrying, quiet & smart. So much like you Gaby.
    You’ve done great with the kids. Maybe not perfect but great & helped me & my kids as well.
    love you tons,

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