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Endure Endurance

I tend to think of myself as a patient person. I can sit in a hot shared taxi for 40 minutes and only be slightly agitated. I never understood people who had the urge, while waiting at the doctor, to get up every 2 minutes or be constantly changing positions. Delayed train, not a big deal. Waiting in a queue, easily done. I admit, patience with my kids is still something I’m learning

However, it seems I’m not all that patient when it comes to the long-term. A better term is probably endurance. When I want to see change, when I’m hoping for an improvement in some area of my life, waiting around for it seems to be something I’ve still got to get a grip in.

I don’t know when I started to think of endurance as something that just had to be ‘endured’. When going through times when the future is uncertain, or I can’t pinpoint a time frame on when I want to see change happen, every passing day is just another frustration.

Now, that’s changing. If I can sit and wait for a few hours, knowing that there will be an end to the wait, I’ll trust that God will put an end to the longer waits as well. I mean, He’s done it before, right? And I no longer want to endure the wait, barely surviving. I want to get to my destination fresh, excited, motivated, and enjoying every moment of the trip! Yes, I know there will be frustrations along the way, delays, or uncertainties. But why should I act like the spoiled child demanding on getting there right now, or the annoying “are we there yet?” syndrome?

Change will come, there’s no doubt about it, and I’ll be doing my part to effect what I can, will keep praying, doing all I can, work on my goals step by step. At the same time, I will enjoy the life given to me. Here’s to taking surviving a step further, here’s to suceeding with a bang!


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