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Average Grades

August is the end of the school year as well!

Reading-2 books: 90%
Math-2 books: 98%
LA-2 books: 95%
Science-1 book: 96%
Social Studies-1 book: 100%

Year Average:
Language Arts-6 books: 98%
Reading-8 books: 94%
Math-6 books: 97%
Science-2 books: 96%
Social Studies-2 books: 98%
Total-24 books-97%

Cherise: (Started 4th Grade!)
Bible-2 books: 95%
LA-2 books: 94%
Spelling: 95%
Reading-1 book: 93%
Math-1 book: 90%
Science-1 book: 95%
Social Studies-2 books: 93%

Year Average:
Bible-7 books: 94%
Language Arts-7 books: 95%
Spelling: 95%
Reading-6 books: 95%
Math-6 books: 91%
Science-5 books: 87%
Social Studies-5 books: 89%
Total-37 books: 92%

LA-4 books: 91%
Spelling: 92%
Math: 4 books: 90%
Science-4 books: 94%
Social Studies-4 tests (she’s doing textbook study): 94% (It deserves honorable mention that she passed her final exam with 100%)

Year Average:
Bible-3 books: 95%
Language Arts-11 books: 93%
Spelling: 91%
Reading-6 books: 96%
Math-11 books: 93%
Science-10 books: 92%
Social Studies-2 lightunits, plus textbook study (13 tests +final): 93%
Total-57 tests: 93%

6 thoughts on “Average Grades”

  1. Gaby, I just realized you’re a blogger. So, I put you on my favorites list for easy access. I have a lot of reading to do!! I admire you for home schooling your kids. They’re doing very well! Congratulations!

  2. great work Gaby, to both you and the kids! It’s obvious that your efforts are really paying off.. you must be really proud of them and rightfully so.

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