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Creative Writing

The first graders have started doing creative writing classes. This is always fun for me, as I love to get their minds thinking, their creative juices flowing, and the end results almost always make me smile. First graders write logically and simply most of the time; it’s great to see how they develop their writing skills. For some, it will always be a challenge, for others, something they look forward to and excel in. As they get older, children focus more on the spelling, correct grammar, longer sentences and paragraphs, different word usages, etc. For some children, writing is difficult, putting their thoughts down might not be the issue, trying to put aside the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers that most school deals with, and instead just flowing with what they want to say, takes practice. In the higher grades, I encourage them to experiment with different styles of writing, not just telling a story, but finding new ways to express themselves: as if writing a news article, in poetry, humorous writing, not always in first or third person, etc.
Jordan was given the assignment of choosing a picture and writing a story about it. He chose a picture from the newspaper of a tiger playing with a ball which had fallen into some water at a zoo. He ended up writing quite a long story, which I wanted to share. It’s his second creative writing assignment so far, so bear with the inconsistencies and tall-tale feel to the whole thing. (I’m not correcting spelling and punctuation–as much as I’m itching to–focus at this age is on expression, not necessarily correct spelling or punctuation) I’m not sure what he thinks of zoos for real, if this could really happen, we’d all be in for a lot of trouble. 😛

In the zoo there was a tiger, and he was afraid of water. in the tigers cage there was a lake. One day a little boy came and droped his ball in the lake. “Oh no” the boy cried, the tiger never saw a ball, so it wanted to see what it was. The tiger touched the ball, the tiger scrached the ball, the tiger wanted the ball, but the tiger could not get it because it was in the water.
The tiger streched its paw, “Splash” the tiger fell into the water. The tiger started swimming after the ball, the tiger was swimming and swimming and swimming and swimming. Soon the tiger swam so far that he was scrard that he would hit the cage and the ball would squeeze through the crack. But the tiger ducked and went through the crack, the tiger opened his eyes. he strart swimming faster nobody seemed to notice him as he swam. soon he saw another cage, he wanted to free it too. so the tiger climde the cage and jummed in the cage, the tiger pretended to be a fish so the people would not see what he realie was, soon the people left. the bear said “what are you doing in my cage.” “sssssssshhhhh” the tiger said. “Im trying to free you.” “thats a question I need to ask you.” “how did you get free?” “do you see that stream over there”? “yep, I see that you are a wet tiger and you need to get out of my cage.” the bear growled. “Ok. Im sorry” but I was just try to free you” “Im sorry to it was my fault” do you forgive me.” “SURE” said the tiger. all you have to do is jumq in the lake and start swimming and then duck because you have to be small enough to fit through that crack.” “ok” the bear responded. the bear and the tiger jumped inot the water.
The two started swimming. the bear ducked and squeezed through the crack. “Graet now what.” the bear said. the tiger saw some trees. “Hey we could go behind those trees.” So they creped behind the trees finally they saw the gate. they climbed over the gate. “WE MADE IT” “we sure did”


3 thoughts on “Creative Writing”

  1. Very cute. He does have a creative mind. If he wrote that all by himself, I think he did well for a 1st grader. Of course, he has a good teacher. You. GBY.

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