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When you choose the praise route, the negative in your life becomes that much more thrilling and exciting. You are no longer bound by the rules and limitations of life, for you are pushing the edge of the envelope by taking that leap and trusting that I will catch you. So you’re free to enjoy life to the full, regardless of the current state of your surroundings.

When you are pulled and stretched to the limit, the bounce back is that much further and better. Praise will release you and send you soaring higher than ever before.

about the kids, my writings and thots

On mornings and such

I’m a morning person. I love waking up early, before the noise of the day begins and having my quiet time–just me and the Lord. Getting up in the morning isn’t an issue for me, I’m awake and alert as soon as I wake up; I’m not one to grope around until I get my coffee (which I’m off of again for now). Don’t get me wrong, I love the weekends, I love sleeping in, and I do need sleep, which is why I tend to go to bed earlier, though I do enjoy staying up late from time to time if I have a good reason to. However, being a morning person does not mean that I get ‘conversational’ first thing, I’m with the school of thought that talking and noise should be kept to a minimum until at least breakfast. Generally, the kids keep that rule of mine as I’ve enforced their need to have quiet time, prayer, and meditation before getting into the day.
It’s funny how my kids see mornings so differently, though.
Charlotte is the early bird around here. I guess her teenage hormones haven’t kicked in quite yet; she’ll often be awake before me, sometimes as early as 6AM. She knows what to do in her morning time, and by the time I wake up, she’s usually chipper and in a great mood. By school time, however, she’s tired again. I need to figure out how to make her sleep longer! Keeping her up later at night hasn’t helped much so far, though she does tend to take at least one morning a week where she’ll sleep longer.
Cherise still hates sleeping, period. She’ll fight it at night, and will wake herself up in the morning if she possibly can. She seems to sense that, somewhere, someone is doing something and she’s just lying there. If she could, she’d never sleep, and the amazing thing is, she’s rarely tired and is usually the last one of the three to get sick, if she even gets it. She is not, however, a morning person. It’s a good thing I have a ‘quiet morning’ policy or she’d be grumping everyone into the day. By the time she’s had her prayer and praise time, though, she usually manages to be socially acceptable by breakfast.
Jordan can sleep, he sleeps in the morning, he naps, he’s often the first one off at night, he just likes sleep (woe is me when he hits his teenage years). Mornings for him are for cuddling, snuggling, and just lounging around for as long as he can get away with it. Quite the opposite of me, who feels it’s a waste of time to stay in bed once awake. He’s pretty good company in the morning, though, especially once he’s gotten his morning dose of hugs and kisses. It’s funny to see him go from tired and ‘not feeling so well’ when school starts, to slightly more excited about the day by the first break to downright energetic by lunch.
So there you have it, variety, is indeed, the spice of life.

about the kids, my writings and thots

Take My Breath Away

A few days ago we were all in the car and the kids were participating in their favorite travel pastime–looking for amusing landmarks, interesting roadside designs, or cool cars. As is the custom, they divide up the street, one looking right, left, center, etc. Cherise is usually the most excitable of all, trying not to miss a thing and during one of her exclamations, Sameer calmly told her “Cherise, don’t forget to breathe.”
Charlotte, ever the one to be ‘correct’ (her mom’s a teacher, what can I say?), said, “But it’s actually impossible to forget to breathe.”
Ahem. Yes, I’m the teacher after all, couldn’t let her get away with that one. “Sure you can. Not for long periods of time, but it is possible to forget to breathe.”
“Oh, right, like when doing a work-out, on the one we do, she’s always telling us to breathe.”
But it got the cogs in my mind going. There are other times in my life when my breathe was literally taken away, and I had to remind myself to breathe. Of course, there’s the times when I was so nervous, such as before a big performance, a radio interview, my kid’s performances, or something else that I felt apprehensive about. But it also got me thinking of the wonderful things in my life that took my breath away.
I experienced it three times–each time I first saw my babies. All the anticipation of waiting for them to arrive is culminated in that moment, that beautiful moment when I met my child for the first time.
There were the times when something long-anticipated or hard-to-come-by finally happened in my favor–visas and paper-work, meeting up with friends I hadn’t seen for a long time, or a dream I had been working towards coming together at last.
But not all breathless moments are monumental, there are the little day to day ones that remind me that I really do have a big God who enjoys making us happy, those things that remind me to sit back from time to time and relax–and breathe! Things like a spectacular sunset over the ocean (or any spectacular sunset for that matter, I’m just especially taken with the ocean ones), something particularly loving or sweet that my kids tell me, the way Words from the Lord or something I read speaks straight to my heart and just makes sense to me that day, and even though I usually tend to see eating as something I have to do each day, there are even certain foods or drinks that are just too good!
So, what takes your breath away?