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First Advent!

This will be our third Chrismas here in India, and there are things that remind me of Christmas here, now as well. It takes me some time to associate events with feelings, smells, etc.

In Europe, the cold weather, snow, etc would put me in the mood for Christmas (basically the only good feeling associated with cold, I don’t miss it, for sure!). It gets cooler here, too, though this year it’s still a bit warmer than in the two years past. However, switching to warmer clothes, sleeping with a light blanket, and having it be foggy in the morning does bring that cozy Christmas feel.

There’s the way things just smell different as it gets closer to Christmas. And of course, listening to carols and Christmas songs. The kids have been practicing for some weeks already and we’re all enjoying listening and dancing to our favorites just for fun.

So we dug out a Christmas game today and had plenty fun with that, despite me not being entirely healthy again yet. Charlotte used her ‘sick time’ to finish her nativity scene that she made entirely by herself. She sewed adorable little characters, all the way down to the chicken (excuse me, dove…). I’ll try and get pictures of those as well.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and First Advent. It’s time to enjoy the season of love!

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Letting Go

As a parent, there have been many times when I have to remind myself to let go of things that I used to hold on to because they’re just not realistic or their time has come. Some have been easier to deal with than others, mostly because of my own unrealistic expectations.

Like the girl’s hair, for example. When they were little, I loved dolling them up, doing their hair in original ways, etc. But most importantly, I didn’t want it being messy–if I could help it, ever! Of course, that didn’t last too long. I did my best, but kids will be kids, and there were times when we all looked a little unkempt. But now, I’m having to chose to ‘let go’ again. I want them to become independent and learn how to do their own hair, but that comes with a price. Their pony tail isn’t always centered, Cherise might do her hair and it’s undone within 10 minutes, or they’ll come up with some wild and whacky ‘do’ which wouldn’t really get my approval.

However, I do want them to learn, so I have to chose when I want them to look neat and tidy, when I insist on doing their hair for them, and when I turn a blind eye and tell myself they’re still learning. It’s not easy for me, with my perfectionist tendencies, but I’m learning with them.

There are other areas I’m learning to ‘let go’ in as well. Maybe as I think of them, I’ll write about it again. Now, I gotta go fix someone’s hair!

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Where does she get this from??

CC and I were talking about specialists, as in lung specialists, throat and ear specialists, heart specialists, etc. We were specifically talking about heart specialists, and I mentioned something rather abstractly about most of the heart specialists I know or have heard of were men.

“Well, it makes sense that men would be better specialists.” CC observed.

“Why is that? What difference does it make?”

“Well, women tend to do better at multitasking, meaning they’re better at being general doctors and men find it hard to do more than one thing at a time, so of course, they’d do better to specialize in one area!”

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The Way to Live!

A couple of days ago, I was discussing with someone about different hitches and glitches in different paperwork we both had to do. While comparing notes and tips, I started feeling a bit overwhelmed, I still had a long way to go and realistically things could go either way at this point.

It wasn’t just this conversation; this is something that’s been on my mind for quite some time. A lot of my dreams and goals depend on these papers getting sorted out, and there are times I admit, I feel overwhelmed and begin to worry. I know I shouldn’t, but I do.

Eventually, though, I kind of snapped out of it and commented that in the end, it’s in His hands after all.  Her comment in response was, “yes, that’s the way to live, after all, isn’t it?” And she was right! It really is the way to live. It’s like living on the edge or participating in some kind of extreme sport. Regardless of where I am or what I’m doing, it does take a certain measure of trust in the end. If it’s not these papers I’d need to take care of, it would be something else.

Like a boss, He’s given me this assignment right now, and like any good boss, he’ll take care of me, His employee. I can plan, I can make goals, I can make spreadsheets with my goals planned out with space for details, deadlines, accomplishments, etc. And that’s all good! However, in the end, that spreadsheet, those goals, those are all just an extension of my personal prayer list, things that while I do what I can, I have to trust that He’ll have His way in the end.

I made my list of 6 impossible things (got the idea from Alice in Wonderland, CC and I made it together), and while they really did look large and looming when we made the list, little by little, things are getting knocked off. Maybe not overnight, maybe it’ll take a little longer than I’d prefer, but He’s promised to care for His own, so I’ll do my part and trust Him.