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Some pix

I will be getting more pix from the camera I’m borrowing; until then, a few pix from our trip here and our first days here.

Cherise reading to herself and her teddies on the train 😀

CC and Jordan shared a bunk since one bunk was taken with our stuff. It was a long and boring ride, but uneventful and safe, thank God!

I shall call her squishy and she shall be mine and she shall be my squishy…lucky me, get to steal this little one whenever I like 🙂

Cherise at the reading corner we did one week. At home, there is no sleep-over complete without Cherise doing a story.

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Grateful to be Back!

I was wondering how to get back to blogging again after such a long break. I’ve missed writing just for fun, but have not had the time or opportunity to get started on it until now. After giving it some thought, I felt my first post back should be a grateful post. I know I won’t be able to mention everyone or everything that I’m thankful for in one post, so my apologies in advance if I don’t get everything covered.

First and most importantly, I want to thank God for all His help, direction, and guidance over the last few months. He’s been caring for me my whole life long, I just want to specify these last few months. All these changes were His idea, after all, He’s leading me down a new path in my life and I’m loving it! Once again, I had to saw off the limb and He, once again, was faithful to catch me, to uphold me, to bring me to a safe place. There’s nothing compared to complete surrender to the will of God and finding complete joy and satisfaction even through the rougher patches. Despite the worrying, the loneliness, the insecurity at times, I can honestly say I’m genuinely happy—these are some of the happiest days of my life so far! Thank You for being there with me, for being my Provider, my Keeper, my Husband!

It has often been said that God has no hands except those He can use here on earth. I am so incredibly thankful for the people who have been there for me and helped me along my journey. I feel overwhelmed at times by the love and care I’ve experienced, even from people I didn’t know before. It’s amazing to me how people rallied behind us, helped us in so many ways, and because of them, we were able to get set up in record time.

There is a quote that says, “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.” I can certainly attest that this is true. I have met the most amazing people recently and they have made an impact in my (and my kids) life like few have. When we arrived, they took us in, unconditionally, put us up in their best room, took care of us, and helped in innumerable ways to find the place we’re at now. They did not have to give so much. They would have had every reason to say no to taking us in to begin with! They did not just give what was convenient or practical or extra. They went the extra, extra mile and never made us feel in the way or like we’re extra trouble. Not only that, but I’ve gained two wonderful friends; they helped me through the rough patches and give good, solid counsel. I’m so happy I found a place nearby so we have daily contact. I’m privileged to know and work with such wonderful people.

There are others as well. People who’ve stood by me and been there without judging; people who spurred me on by not allowing me to quit, people who helped me to have faith in myself again. I only hope that I can pay it forward, help others in ways I can, and be there when someone needs a helping hand. I’ve learned a lot about friendship, what it means to truly love unconditionally, and I hope to put that to practice in my life more and more.

I’m also incredibly thankful for my kids. God gave me a wonderful gift in each one of them; they make me smile, they make me get up and keep going, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to not only be a mom and caregiver to them, but teacher and provider as well.

I’m sure I’ll think of more to be grateful for—or to write about it—life just keeps getting better as I focus on the positive. This is one wonderful ride, I’m so glad I kept following the path He leads me on day by day.