Teacher’s Day

Tomorrow is Teacher’s Day, and the kids have been made aware of it this year, for a change. When Cherise heard about it, this is the conversation we had:

Cherise: Oh, tomorrow is Teacher’s Day. That means we should give our teacher the day off!

Mom: Yeah, that sounds more like you’ll be getting yet another holiday out of the deal.

Cherise: But we could use the time wisely and do chores around the house, some extra clean-ups and all.

Mom: But we just did that on Friday, if you remember. (Of course, there are always, always more chores to do around the house, I just wasn’t keen on them taking off a school day to do it)

Cherise: Ok…well, in that case, we’d better do school. (long pause) Oh! Since it’s Teacher’s Day, instead of the day off, you get to do an extra good job of teaching us, then!

Yeah, ok. I’ll do an extra good job tomorrow, promise. If I had my way tomorrow, all the school records would get done (where did the school year go?!?!?!), I would find the lost and missing answer key for science that just mysteriously disappeared, Jordan’s handwriting would magically be neat, Cherise would finish her Math in less than two hours time, and Charlotte would manage to figure out the answer before she calls on me for help (“Teacher, I don’t get this…oh, now that you’re here, I understand, thanks!”). Oh, and I wouldn’t, even once, have to remind the class that there’s no talking during school time.

But who am I kidding? A teacher’s job is full of fun and excitement, full of questions and answers, full of discovery, excitement, and sometimes, just a tiny bit of frustration. Regardless, I love my job, I love that I can still teach my own kids along with the others (I have other kids in my class, I just can’t highlight what my wishes are for them on my blog, heh), and I love the feeling of teaching a child something new and seeing them progress. I still love the excitement children have when they learn something interesting for the first time, or when something elusive has been made clear to them, or they get hands-on fun with an experiment.

To all teachers out there, enjoy ‘your’ day today, smile because you’re valued, and know that you are making a difference. Now, excuse me while I get back to the school records and the search for that answer key!

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I’d like to revive this blog once again. I have some pix taken over the last few months that I’ve managed to get off of borrowed cameras, etc. I have been having a lot of exciting writing deadlines and projects lately, but I need to write just for me from time to time, so I’d like to see this take off again. No promises, but I’ll try. For starters, here are some pix from our holiday in May; the rest may yet be salvaged, I’m hoping so!