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Camp pix

Charlotte had the opportunity to attend a three day camp here. She had such a great time, and still talks about the things she learned and experienced. Sadly, I don’t have nearly as many pix as I would like, but there’s a bit of an idea there. Thanks so much to the organizers and those who made it all possible!

One of the groups

ATV driving

Wall climbing

Winning team mate. There were more in the team, but this is the only picture I have with their medals 🙂




I thought I’d take the time (finally!) to post pix from this year. I’ve given up trying to get pix from other cameras, so I’m sorry there are very few from the girl’s birthdays. Some from my phone camera are a bit lower in quality, but at least there’s pix, right? I’ll try and catch up before the end of the year, for sure 🙂

My man, Jordan!

My beautiful Cherise. I cut her hair this summer, she’s so happy with it.

Sadly, the only picture that I could get was from the morning of her birthday. She had a rocking ‘food theme’ party with several of her friends.

Jordan learned to swim this summer! Cherise can also swim, but is taking it easy, here 😛

My big girl is getting to be so big! She also pulled off a great party!

With my girls.

CC’s party was all about zany and crazy. They had so much fun doing Cherise up, ha!

I love this picture. They’re like mini versions of their moms 😛

More pix are on the way!