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Diwali 2011

Yes, I know I’m late. I’m still catching up on things that piled up over the December month of fun and frolic. Those pix are on the way as well, I’m still hunting down some of them from vagrant cameras, so patience is appreciated 🙂

A happy Diwali it was for us!

Got to spend it with these awesome ladies, among many more 🙂

Wish the lighting was better, it was all taken with my camera phone, but at least it’s something.

She was so adorable in her outfit; she loved wearing it, too!

Big and handsome fellow.

We all had so much fun dressing up, lighting the dias, and bursting crackers. Jordan and I made snacks, which turned out surprisingly well since it was my first time, and generally enjoyed ourselves immensely.

It was nice she let me take pix that evening, smiling and all 😛

Lighting the dias and candles at home

The girls worked on the lighting while Jordan and I wrapped up with the food and snacks

The hall, and you can see a few in the dining area…the dias and candles went around the entire living and dining areas

Dainty as always…Jordan got into watching the big boys, thankfully didn’t get into lighting too many on his own.

Day two…mostly the little ones were left, but they had tons of fun with those as well.