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Christmas Fun!

I’ll start with the backlog of Christmas photos. I still don’t have all of them, but I gotta start before summer really starts and I have so many more pix to share anyway. This is from our “family” shoot, lots of goofing around, but some great ones as well.

I love this girl’s sense of humor. She keeps us all laughing, even in the busiest times.

Practicing at home. Dress rehearsal–Winger Wings

Rocking around the Christmas Tree 😀


Three Kings

Dress rehearsal–Little Halos

The gang 😀

My man and me

There are more goofy pix than posed ones, but they’re the ones I like best!

More goofing around

I love my little Princess!

A rare moment when Jordan was still enough for a hug.

Yet more goofing around

My three musketeers

Posing around the Christmas tree 😀

More posing by the tree

Jordan showing off his moves

All tired out