The day before we left India, we celebrated Holi with friends and neighbors. A great experience, lots of laughs, lots of colors, mess, and just enjoying life!


The way her hair got colored was cool.

Water came after the powder, which was great as it was hot. Jordan with the power!

With some friends

Big smiles!

The girls decided CC didn’t have enough paint yet. It took some time for her to stop running away every time they came around 😛

Before I drenched with colored water 😀


Germany in March 2012

It’s cold, enough said 😛

Indoor play

Jordan having fun

Not sure why, but Cherise is having a good laugh 😀

He runs everywhere!

Some amazing photography by Cherise

They’re fuzzy because he can’t stay still!

Cherise joins in on the action

The date is wrong, CC still needs to figure out how to change that on her cam 😛

Posing…so pretty!

A bit homesick

Missing home

Too much Toliken?

about the kids

Jordan’s Birthday

Better late than never 😀 We went to the game archade for Jordan’s birthday, he had loads of fun; won a few small prizes and we all enjoyed eating out together as well.

He started out pretty far behind, but eventually got to where he was pretty good and challenged everyone else to a race.

Electric guitar! Next he’s going to learn how to play a real one 😀

He won this one hands down…

One game of air hockey. Birthday or not, CC’s team still beat him and Cherise 😛

Pizza boy loves pizza!

Happy Birthday, Jordan!