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Cherise Birthday!

My beautiful, amazing daughter turned 11! She’s spent the last few weeks trying to convince that she’s mature enough to be 11, ha! She celebrated for two days, going horseback riding with her dad and then having her party with mom as well.

They not only ride the horses, but get to brush them down, learn how to care for horses, etc.

Such a big girl!

This little princess loves the attention for sure!

“Mom, this is the last year I can show on my hands how old I am.” 😛

Some of her gifts…she’s still into tiny, little, cut things–just like her!

With Oma, who made the beautiful cake as well.

My precious kids!

Spent the afternoon at a playarea. Quite the little princess 😀

Jordan totally in his element, there was enough to climb for sure!

Yes, CC is still a child–thank God!

Composed and relaxed while the girls were screaming coming down those, ha!

CC walking along the higher level. It was a perfect day! It rained as we were going home; a hot, summer rain!



Adventure of Life!

It’s been tradition since CC was in first grade; when the grade is complete, I take her out for a treat. Just her and I for some quality time over an ice cream or similar treat. It’s been passed down to all the kids now, but since CC recently finished a grade, her outing with me was long over-do. Last Saturday, we decided to go out; come what may.

It worked out for the other kids to stay with my mom, while CC and I had the day to ourselves. The weather wasn’t too promising, and I’m glad I convinced CC to bring along a light sweater, which she put on as soon as we stepped out the door and never ended up taking off. With a light drizzle coming down, we rushed to the bus, but by the time we got off again, it was steadily raining. OK, so we’ll rush to the nearest place and grab a bite to eat—we hadn’t had lunch yet.

Thankfully, that wasn’t too far away, and we made our order, only to discover that they didn’t take cards, and I hadn’t had the opportunity to go to an ATM earlier that week. Great, they said they’d hold our order till we could run and withdraw cash. I considered leaving CC at the restaurant, but she wasn’t too eager. So we got directions to the nearest ATM and stepped outside.

By now, the steady rain had become a downpour—there was no way we’d get through this without getting pretty wet. We jogged from building to building, giggling as we went, got our cash and jogged back. By the time we got back, we were laughing pretty hard; this was fun! We caught our breath, had our lunch, and by then the rain had stopped enough for us to head for an amazing piece of chocolate cake (that girl knows how to pick them!) and coffee for me.

As we relaxed and chatted, I got to thinking about the adventure of life. While I wouldn’t want to run through the cold rain every day (oh, give me Indian summer rains instead!), there was no reason I couldn’t enjoy the adventure today. Over the last few days, I got to thinking. Often, I’m too fast to sigh, dread, or get upset when things go against the grain of what I think would be best.

But there will be rains, there will be delays, forks in the road that throw the ‘normal’ off for a bit. Why not live every day like it was an adventure? Something to look forward to? Let me see what I can do today to find the excitement in life, laugh a little (or a lot!), and just enjoy this life that God has given me.

about the kids

April pix–Easter and more

I figure I’d better hurry up and post the Easter pix before Cherise’s birthday…

It snowed on Easter weekend!

Painting eggs

Because some were taken with my phone, the quality isn’t as great, but better than nothing 😀 Cherise got into the art of this.

It’s messy business, ha.

Easter deco–the finished product

More color

Lunch with family 🙂



More desert–spent the better part of the day eating…

CC asked me to braid her hair again, it’s been a while. It took a long time, but was worth it 🙂

After taking the braids out, it was bushy!

Towards the middle of the month, it warmed up and everything started to blossom so beautifully!

Thanks to this, I’m not taking pics right now, but the girls will still pose nicely

They look far more beautiful anyway…

No, mom…I will not pose; this is what trees are for!

Spent one afternoon at a fair. I forgot I had the camera on my phone, so missed getting pix on the bumper cars, at least I remembered when they got to the swings

Flying high!

No visit to the fair would be complete without traditional German food 😀

All I was missing was a tall beer!

The kids enjoyed it immensely.