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April pix–Easter and more

I figure I’d better hurry up and post the Easter pix before Cherise’s birthday…

It snowed on Easter weekend!

Painting eggs

Because some were taken with my phone, the quality isn’t as great, but better than nothing 😀 Cherise got into the art of this.

It’s messy business, ha.

Easter deco–the finished product

More color

Lunch with family 🙂



More desert–spent the better part of the day eating…

CC asked me to braid her hair again, it’s been a while. It took a long time, but was worth it 🙂

After taking the braids out, it was bushy!

Towards the middle of the month, it warmed up and everything started to blossom so beautifully!

Thanks to this, I’m not taking pics right now, but the girls will still pose nicely

They look far more beautiful anyway…

No, mom…I will not pose; this is what trees are for!

Spent one afternoon at a fair. I forgot I had the camera on my phone, so missed getting pix on the bumper cars, at least I remembered when they got to the swings

Flying high!

No visit to the fair would be complete without traditional German food 😀

All I was missing was a tall beer!

The kids enjoyed it immensely.

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