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Cherise Birthday!

My beautiful, amazing daughter turned 11! She’s spent the last few weeks trying to convince that she’s mature enough to be 11, ha! She celebrated for two days, going horseback riding with her dad and then having her party with mom as well.

They not only ride the horses, but get to brush them down, learn how to care for horses, etc.

Such a big girl!

This little princess loves the attention for sure!

“Mom, this is the last year I can show on my hands how old I am.” 😛

Some of her gifts…she’s still into tiny, little, cut things–just like her!

With Oma, who made the beautiful cake as well.

My precious kids!

Spent the afternoon at a playarea. Quite the little princess 😀

Jordan totally in his element, there was enough to climb for sure!

Yes, CC is still a child–thank God!

Composed and relaxed while the girls were screaming coming down those, ha!

CC walking along the higher level. It was a perfect day! It rained as we were going home; a hot, summer rain!



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