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Happy Birthday, my Princess!

She’s an amazing character, and looking back over the years in photos, it’s very clear that she always has been. She relates to Alice and dances to her own tune. Her sense of humor can have me laughing, even when I try not to! She has a soft heart, but can get tough on her siblings if they mess around too much, ha! I now officially have a real teenager, she acts more like it every day. She melts my heart with her insight and care; and yet drives me appropriately crazy with her moods and temper. I love my CC so much! Praying that she’ll be up to the challenges this year and all that it has to offer.

Her last birthday, in Bangalore!
Dressing up on her own…she’s always been into making her own fashion statements, it seems 🙂
Matching with her little sister. It’s easy to see how protective she is!
Monkeying around isn’t just something Jordan does!
Such girls! These were her good friends for some time.
Oh the innocence of childhood!
Performing at Christmas!
Kids camp in Croatia with friends
Petting a tiger at the circus
With newborn Jordan
The same castle we visited recently. The kids went when they were younger.
Dancing with friends for an event
Self portrait
The many scary faces of CC!
With her puppy, Lana!
Dressing up for her birthday the year before we went to India.
Such a character!

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