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Current Memories

There’s something I noticed in the last few months that has made me think a bit more of how I relate to and treat people. As mentioned in a previous post, someone I knew for a short time recently passed away, but he’s not the only one.

Because of Facebook, it’s pretty easy to know when someone has lost a loved one, friend, or relative. Suddenly, mutual friends will post pictures, memories, and stories about the person. Often there will be a link to a memorial site with more of the same. Looking over some of these sites, you get a good feeling of what the person was like. Often people will talk about what a difference the person made, how blessed they were to know him/her, and how much they will be missed.

I started to think on the fact that so many people come forward to say such wonderful things about a person once they’ve passed away. But, I asked myself, how many people know how I feel about them now? I never had the chance to let that person know what an impact he made on me, and although I firmly believe he knows it now, what about other people in my life.

Could it be that my words of appreciation or acknowledgment could make a difference in their life. I know that when I’m going through a rough time, having someone tell me that I’m worth something, that I’ve helped in some way, helps in ways they can’t even imagine.

So I’ve gone on a bit of my own quest. Letting people know now how much they mean to me. I’m blessed to know some really wonderful people and I not only hope they know it, I tell them, too. Why wait until they’re gone to say how great they are. And not only to them, but spreading the news to others as well. It’s easy to gossip, but this is a good kind of gossip, the kind that spreads goodness. Why not? Why not let others know how blessed I am to know such good people and how they’ve helped me? I’m sure somehow, it will be appreciated and if I can make even one person’s day brighter, it will be worth it.