Wonderful Day—a Day of Wonder

As so often happens, I have emails to respond to when I log into my email in the morning. Sometimes, I’ll need to chat with someone to get a writing assignment, or to work out details on something or other. When I was still in India, that communication often took place by sms as well. When the chat or email is done, I usually would sign off with “have a nice day”, though sometimes it was “have a wonderful day”.


I sat there looking at what I had just written, ‘wonderful day’. What did it mean to have a wonderful day? Once I was done getting my assignments for the day/week, I get to work, I used to teach as well, there’s chores to be done around the house, a to-do list to get through, homework to help with, meals to be cooked, etc. So what was wonderful about it?


If I took the time to think about it, there were things in my day that would fill me with wonder if only I took the time to see them, to pay attention, to enjoy them. There’s my favorite sound in the world—the sound of a child laughing heartily. There are the hugs which my kids like to spontaneously spring on me. There’s the slowly falling snow which is making the world a winter wonderland. There’s the moon which shines into my window and which I can see from my bed. There’s a song that moves me to dance and get the kids dancing with me.Image


Wonder can be found in the eyes of my children, in a friendly chat with a friend, in a sunset which takes my breath away, in the beautiful lights shining through the early dusk, in so many little things which bring that feeling of contentment. A wonderful day doesn’t have to include a whole lot of planning, going somewhere amazing, or being with people I love and miss, though that would be nice, too. One day, I’ll have those kinds of wonderful days, and I do already, taking my kids out for outings, enjoying a drink with a friend, or visiting with relatives. Until those big days come along though, I’ll keep looking with a sense of wonder at all the little things God brings my way each day.


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