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Singing in the Rain

It’s been raining these past few days, raining a lot! It’s like April in May or something like that. Either way, it’s a lot more than we’re used to and it’s bringing some challenges with it. I’m aware that there is flooding in some areas, but thankfully it seems to be under control now.

Of course, it means some adjusting on our part, too. The girls have a newspaper route that they do on a weekly basis, with my help. Normally, we’d go by bike and get it done in about two hours. This week, the delivery of the newspapers was a day late, so we had a late start. By the time we were packed and got about a third of the way there, it started to rain. I’m not talking about a few drops–we’ve dealt with those before by sitting it out under a roof–this was a full blown storm. Lightning flashed, and it began to pour within minutes. We quickly turned around and made it back, drenched to the bone. We laughed the whole way home, feeling about as close to monsoon as we have in a long time.

The next day, CC and I decided instead to go by bus to the destination and walk the papers in case it started to rain again. It was dry when we left, but after about half of the route, it started to rain again. This time it wasn’t so strong and we had to complete the distribution, so we just kept going. It wasn’t long before we were pretty wet again, thankful that it wasn’t all that cold and that our coats kept us relatively dry for most of the time.

By the time we were done with the route, we were drenched, though. We had a 15 minute wait for the next bus, so we shared headphones and sat down inside the bus stop–thankfully completely dry inside–to pass the time. But this was CC and I in a situation that just begged for some crazy. We were tired, cold, and wet. There was no way we were going to just sit there and quietly think about our situation. Within a few minutes, we were singing out loud with the music and laughing as we tried to drip dry whatever we could. The bus eventually came and everyone turned to stare at the two wet girls grinning from ear to ear.

We made our merry way home, but needed to stop at the store for groceries before going home. Again, we were quite the sight, coming in there so wet our shoes were squeeking! We grabbed what we needed, laughing at anyone who stared and enjoying our moments of fun. As we walked back home, rain still pouring down, I had to break into song again. This is the neighborhood we live in, so I’m afraid I may have embarassed my daughter just a litte, poor thing. But since I try to say “I don’t no” more lately, I had to give in to the need to belt out a song. I added arm movements and did a bit of a double step as we crossed the street.

We warmed up quickly, I did get sick–thankfully not too sick, my body is fighting hard, but the experience was one of laughter and fun. It could have gone differently, we could have ended up getting negative about how cold we were, complaining about the squishy feeling in our shoes, and cursed the clouds for dumping on us. But we didn’t. We had fun, we created our own atmosphere and laughed, sang, and even danced a bit. It was a joyful experience in the end.