Down Time

It’s been a very busy last couple of weeks. I won’t bore everyone with details, but I haven’t forgotten about the blog. I have posts in the works, there are just other priorities at this point.

My new blog is up and running! After some serious glitches and a complete wipe, it’s back up and running with new posts regularly. Thanks to everyone who offered support and shared links to get me going. In case you haven’t seen it yet, check it out at http://www.idonotno.com

CC spent 5 days in the UK with her class–she totally rocked the experience and had so many great stories and pictures.

School is over, we’re finally having holidays and for a change the weather is playing along. This means I get to try and cram to complete all my work as fast as I can (or else stay up late) so I can spend time doing things with the kids. CC’s birthday was a success, though we’re still waiting for the swimming day 🙂

I got to travel as well, visit my sister in Frankfurt and take my exams at last. It all went well, but it ate a chunk out of work and energy.

Today a new emergency came up: I had to call the ambulance to take my mom into hospital. Things are looking a bit better, but she’s still very weak. Prayers for her and all of us are appreciated.

I’ll post more soon; I feel the need to express in writing again.