Why I’m pretty sure my dental surgeon thinks I’m crazy

Today was really not my day. I woke up feeling feverish and tired and didn’t really want to keep my appointment with the dentist. But, knowing how difficult it is to reschedule, I took a short nap, had a cup of tea, and made my way to the dentist. I opted to walk, since it’s not that far away.

I get to the dentists and the receptionist kindly tells me she has no record of an appointment. Didn’t I get a letter from the surgeon saying why I needed to see the dentist and what procedures needed to be done? I smiled sheepishly and said I was pretty sure I was supposed to come into today for the measuring of the tooth I’m having pulled.

She sent me to the waiting room, but was back within a few minutes with a huge grin on her face. She told me that the appointment is indeed today, but I was supposed to be at the dental surgeon instead. Thankfully, there were people around in the waiting room and reception area who could laugh with me at my silly predicament.

I rushed home, calling in advance for my bicycle keys in order to get to the other office. I left my earphones in and put my music on because if there’s one thing that calms me, it’s music at times like that. Of course, I was on time at the dentist’s, but by now I’m dreadfully late. I decide not to let it affect me too much, they knew I was on my way, and getting killed in an accident wouldn’t make things better. I got there a good half-hour late, took my headphones off and tucked them into my pocket.

I breathlessly arrived at the dental surgeons reception area just as he was coming out of his office and spied me. Everyone kind of chuckled as I walked in and tried to explain that I’m just messed up today. You have to remember, in at least half the appointments I had with him, I was on meds and kind of loopy. Today I proved I don’t need meds to be loopy.

Of course, I didn’t see the last vacant chair at the end of the waiting room until someone pointed out that it was there as I was still standing. After stumbling over everyone’s feet to get to the chair, my name got called and I got to stumble back out. It was then that I realized I still had my headphones tucked into my pocket, and having my phone and headphones in my pocket was probably not a good idea when going for an x-ray. I pulled the headphones out just at the second I remembered I didn’t even turn off the music yet!

So, music starts blaring from my back pocket. I fumble with it, trying desperately to turn it off, dropping it on my toes and drawing out the time the music is filling the little office area. By now, I’m just laughing at myself. What else can I do? It takes me a good minute to tuck my headphones into my purse and remove my ear and nose stud. Just as she’s about to fit me into the vest, she looks at my head and reminds me that I’m wearing a clip. Oh thanks, I forgot I put that there.

Thankfully, I manage to get through the rest of the interview without messing up much more. Other than the little squeal of pain (which is a good thing, because it means my nerves are all still working!), he was pleased with how things are going and we worked out when I need to go to my dentist for real this time.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if their whole office sits and talks about the crazy lady who mixes up her appointments, stumbles around, and doesn’t even need meds to get loopy.