Aside from being a full time member of The Family International, my kids are my life. I can’t think of any thing better in life than spending those moments cuddling, caring for, teaching, training, hugging and just ‘being’ with my three children. This blog is about our lives. There are also insights into my life, but don’t expect to understand all of me based on what you see here.

When this life is over, I want to be able to look back over my path and be satisfied with having lived a life of love. Helping others, bringing them happiness and satisfaction is one of my primary goals in life, as well as teaching my children to live selfless and caring lives as well. Thanks to The Family, I have received the training I need to do this and I find great joy in learning new things all the time, experiencing new challenges and stepping outside my ‘bubble’ to reach out to others.

1 thought on “About”

  1. How’s life? It looks so great there. We envy, ha! We miss communicating with you, Hana says when we can chat. ha. Keep going for the Lord and gold. We love you and appreciate your updating kids enjoy looking new photos.

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