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Easter Sunday

We had a lovely time yesterday, remembering, praising, as well as plenty of good food. It was a restful day for all of us, ending in a time of praise together and communion. It was one of those Easter Sunday’s that came and went quietly, but was one to remember in it’s simple depth.
In other news, Jordan lost his tooth as well. It’s a bottom front tooth, so I feel he looks a little odd (most kids tend to lose the top ones first), but he’s enjoying his new goofy grin and I hope to have before and after pix asap.


Out all day


Saturday, August 28

Today I had a chance to do something a bit different here in the home: I went to the mall where they do ballooning every week. It was the same as everywhere I’ve ballooned, but it was nice to be out of the house and about doing stuff. Thankfully most people speak English and I only had to speak Croatian a few times, as people here don’t appreciate that language too much, though they do understand. I had a nice partner, we had fun, and there were pretty girls giving away chocolate snacks all day! The kids were ever so thankful for their ‘shiner prize’, heh. Can’t wait for parent day tomorrow, hopefully the weather will stay nice, it’s been so cold here since getting back from my trip to HR.