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Botanical Garden outing

Near here, there is an amazing botanical garden with more variety of evergreen trees than I could have thought existed. The kids had lots of fun exploring the forest and all it had to offer. It’s well set-up with labels on everything, a greenhouse with tropical plants, a maze, eating wild strawberries and blueberries (which turned their tongues blue!) and more. Before going into the forest, we also walked around the castle in Tharandt, though for some reason a lot of the pix didn’t come out so good, sniff. It was a good, tiring excursion!

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Cold Germany–March 2012

It was so cold for us when we got back. Now, what the Germans call a “warm spring” has come around, though for us, this is still winter weather, ha!

Waiting for the train

Making friends 😀

Not sure what he’s got against picture taking…

Goofing around with Oma

A huge Easter bunny made out of bells in the train station (more Easter pix another day)

My pretty girls!

Great fun at a playground!

Totally in his element–climbing high!

Near…far…where ever you are…

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Some pix

I will be getting more pix from the camera I’m borrowing; until then, a few pix from our trip here and our first days here.

Cherise reading to herself and her teddies on the train 😀

CC and Jordan shared a bunk since one bunk was taken with our stuff. It was a long and boring ride, but uneventful and safe, thank God!

I shall call her squishy and she shall be mine and she shall be my squishy…lucky me, get to steal this little one whenever I like 🙂

Cherise at the reading corner we did one week. At home, there is no sleep-over complete without Cherise doing a story.

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At last, pix from our trip up north

These are just adding to what CC already posted on hers.




A pretty little park we took some of the kids to after we went around visiting some friends. It was getting dark, but they enjoyed themselves anyway.


The moon was so pretty that night, I loved the contrast. I didn’t have my camera, but was borrowing for this trip.


Beautiful Charlotte with beautiful flowers


Cherise loves to pose as much as her sister does, ha!


We went for an outing for a day. Thankfully, we had a guide who took us to some of the most beautiful areas surrounding the town we were in. It’s not called the land of clouds for nothing!


At one of the first stops along the way. Thankfully, most of this fog cleared and we had a wonderful view of the hills (the 4th highest hills in the world) and waterfalls.


The sun breaking through the clouds.










The legend behind this rock is that there was a giant in the land (we heard 2 different versions, one that the giant was good, the other was that he was an ogre, heh) who eventually died and this was his basket (in this area, people carry huge baskets on their backs) which turned to stone over time. I don’t know how huge the giant must have been to have a basket this big though!



The plains of Bangladesh!


Another trip into the Sunderbans

This time I had the chance to go with the team to deliver food packages to a village affected by Aila. It went very well, the team of volunteers were great, and the people there so grateful for the food. More details to come, just a few pix for now, am waiting on some more from other cameras.

ailarelief1It was hard work, was on my feet for hours, but was so worth it. Thank the Lord, my heart behaved that day and I only felt it mildly. Still catching up on rest, though, it’s far away so left early and were back late.

sunderban1High tide on our way to the village. By the time we were done, the tide was out and we got to walk through the clay mud up to our knees! It was definitely a worthwhile experience and lots of laughs as we had to wash off our legs once we got onto the boat.

sunderban2The walls that separate the islands with villages from the river. Many of these were destroyed completely and some are still not completely repaired meaning that with all the monsoon, there’s more flooding.

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Recent pix

Sorry for the delay on these!

CCb-day 1My beautiful 11 year old! For more pix from her birthday, check out CC’s blog.

fun at park 1Having fun together at the park on Sunday.

sunderban 1I was blessed to accompany a scouting team in to the Sunderban area to assess the Aila cyclone damage, needs, etc. I won’t get into that part of the trip as it’ll be in an upcoming newsletter, but I wanted to post some pix of the beauty of the area–the largest delta in the world! Above, clay brick furnaces in the background, shrimp farms in the foreground. The sky was amazing that day!

sunderban 2Mangrove swamps. At high tide, the water covers this area too.

sunderban 3The river we crossed to get to the villages on the other side.

sunderban 4A tree lizard. Almost missed it too, it was fast!

sunderban 5The kingfisher posed for us shortly and then flew off.

sunderban 6A double rainbow on the way home.


Trip to Bangalore

It was so inspiring to visit Bangalore…12 years after I left…and see people I knew and make new friends. If you follow the HIM site, you’ll know why we went, so I won’t expound on it right now, but the Family there is great. We went 2 days earlier as we had an appointment and also the flights were just cheaper that way, so we got to enjoy a party, attend a GM retreat, and spend time with friends. I didn’t take many pix as my camera isn’t working right now, so these are from Peter’s, which he kindly loaned me.

firstsariAbi (we lived in the same home so many years back) and others brought along saris to dress in traditional for the event. She had brought an extra one so asked if she could tie it on me. I was only to happy to comply. It was my first time and she also took the time to teach me how to wear it, so now I know, heh.

withstvclrI was so incredibly happy to meet these wonderful people again. Claire is one of those people I just love and they helped me so much the first time I was here to learn about India. They have beautiful kids and I hope they know how much I love them.

Thanks to everyone in Bangalore who organised the whole event, those who put us up, and made things so inspiring.