Some pix

Jordan can be so goofy at times!




Cherise is teaching Jordan to dance. He’s going to be a real gentleman, they already taught him how to kiss girls hands…


Another goofy one of Jordan


One of me from the Arabian night activity we had.



One of those days…

I’m not a poet, but lately song lyrics speak to me. It doesn’t matter what subject I want to express my feelings on, there’s a song that says it just what I feel. Today, this song expresses it so well. It’s an old one, but the words still ring so true.

These Kinds Of Questions
Sung by: Nicky
Music and lyrics: Philip

“Will I smile again? Will I love again?

Will the light come into my eyes some day?

Will this lonely, empty feeling go away?

Can a broken thing, a forgotten thing,

Ever laugh & sing like a child once more?

Can a bird with broken feathers ever soar?”

“Can the lost be found? Can I be unbound?

Can the lovely sound of sweet melody

Come again into my life, & set me free?

Can a fool be wise if he tries & tries?

Can he recognize what is truth at last?

Can he overcome the failures of his past?”

“Will I ever be what I’m meant to be?

Or just endlessly wander on my own?

Will I ever find the road that leads me home?”

If these kinds of questions ever cross your mind,

And you’re crying ’cause you feel so left behind,

Don’t you worry, don’t you fear,

Loving Jesus is right here,

And He knows just how to wipe away your tears.


Party time

We had another home over for a visit and enjoyed a fun game night together. Here’s one pic, though there are others, like the ones of me tied up for the ‘princess game’. I laughed so hard I had aches in my stomach all night! Good fun! I’m trying to make an elephant sound while not laughing and giving myself away. He never did guess, heh.


Jo doing his thing at inspiration the next morning.

I need to find all the pix of the kids with their friends from last year…

Charlotte took this picture of me this afternoon. I think the girl has talent!



Some random pix

Charlotte hanging around…cc-upsidedown.jpg

Cherise and Jordan insisted on going down this slide together. Some days they’re just inseperable.


Jordan trying his best to be a ‘big boy’…


I went go carting for the first time in my life last month. I can’t tell if I look happy or aprehensive…


I wasn’t very good, came in 9th out of 10, but had a blast anyway!



Parent day!

Sunday, August 27

Had a great time with the kids, even though it rained most of the day. I got to spend quality time with CC, play with Jordan and cuddle Cherise. After being away from them all day yesterday, I enjoyed every minute of it! In the afternoon, we settled on watching a movie, as it didn’t look like the rain would let up (it did later in the evening, including a beautiful rainbow we could see out the window), and spent the rest of the evening relaxing and fooling around with them.


Black and white?

Sometimes I'm at a loss for words. Take the reasoning of a four year old:

CC mentioned that Jordan is cute. Cherise then started on a long and confusing run down of who can be called 'cute', what it means and what other names go for other people, boys, girls, etc. I'll try to recap: "Jordan can be cute, but girls can't be cool, Charlotte isn't cool, she's nice and Mommy is pretty. Jerry is cool and Daddy is cool, but Jordan isn't cool yet." Charlotte and I tried to explain that it's not so defined and that anyone can technically be cool or nice or cute (even guys, gasp). She got so frustrated, exclaiming, "now you got me all mixed up!" I left her by saying that one day it won't be such a big deal, and I think she's the cutest!

Isn't she quite the analyst though?